Startup image from PixabayWe are Looking to help and Support the Startups in achieving their know how among their target audience , We know that startups are meant to deal in the niche market where the demand need to be generated over a period of time , we also understand that startups have a budget constraints so with spending small money they could build their brand over the internet.

Digital Marketing should be an Ongoing activity for every Organization , For startups its more a Blessing as its a very cost effective way to reach to Millions of audiences.

If you are looking only for sales and running behind every customer , that’s not the right strategy for a startup , If you are convinced about the need of your product then the startup organization should focus on inbound marketing strategy where the customer himself would come asking for the product , We are capable enough to do this for you.

We will be giving a complete package to the startup Organization which would include Mix Activities of SEO,SEM,SMM,SMO,Content and Video Marketing , We could also refer you for the content Optimization needed for the startup website.

Digital Marketing helps in providing virality to an business idea which is the current need of the customer , As for startups we strongly recommend to focus on Branding activities in the first 3 month of the launch.

We also understand that customers are driven by emotional connect and we Leverage this behavior of customer while designing our Digital Strategy for a Product or Service , Even we would run such pure campaigns to affirm the virality of the Business Concept.

We would also make Videos to showcase the overall problem being catered by a startup.

We would be designing specific contents needed for building a strong Brand.

Moreover we would also create some info-graphics to activate the strong desire of a common consumer.

We would also be doing Google Adword Campaigns , email campaigns , Mobile Marketing etc. for enhancing the reach of a Brand to its audience.

As the Startup Company approaches us we start from researching about their product and the specific customer problem which they are looking to solve , then we map down the nature of their specific target audience which further helps us in formulating the customized strategy for each client.

We are based in Lucknow and looking ahead to best serve the startup ecosystem.